About the exhibition

The debut exhibition, Hidden Patterns, signed by Albert-László Barabási proposed the artistic representation of network research. This exhibition includes amazing images and objects as a result of dozens of empirical researches, a mosaic woven from science and art, also presenting the new models and patterns that are born at the intersection of the elements of these two fields.

After the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the Karlsruhe Art and Media Center (ZKM) and the Szekler Museum of Ciuc, the Mureș County Museum is the fourth cultural institution to host the exhibition entitled BarabásiLab: Hidden Patterns. It is important to note that until now, the building of the Citadel Museum has hosted numerous exhibitions of international importance, but this event has a very special character for our institution, as it presents, for the first time, the connection between contemporary art and science, in a space dedicated to history and archaeology.


– Barabásilab's piece titled "Viruses."
– Hot Networks exhibited at Mureș County Museum.
– Flavor Network showcased in the Hidden Patterns exhibit.