About the exhibition

The BarabasiLab, also known as The Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University, has changed the way the world understands networks. For 25 years, under the leadership of Albert-László Barabási, the Lab has been developing the visual vocabulary of complexity based on the team’s pioneering research into a broad range of topics, from protein interactions to success in the art world. Their 2-D visualizations, 3-D data sculptures, and virtual reality environments have made complex scientific concepts approachable and relatable, offering a window into how the many systems that govern our world actually function. From the first simplistic diagrams to today’s elaborate aesthetic creations, the Lab’s visualization work has evolved into an expressive language that creates a new relationship between art and science.

Fake News forced all of us to question the nature of truth, the role of expertise, creating uncertainties at a moment when clarity was most needed. In Fake News Apostles, BarabásiLab applies its big data and network science expertise to unveil the hidden forces that empowered the spread of fake news during the rollout of the COVID vaccines.


– Behind the scenes of Fake News Apostles at BINÁLÉ.