Data Draws Data

About the exhibition

This exhibition presents the BarabásiLab, a scientist and artist collective led by the physicist and network scientist Albert-László Barabási (*1967, Cârța, Romania) at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. Over the past 25 years, BarabásiLab has developed a visual vocabulary for complex systems, often relying on forms of expression taken from art. Today, more data is produced per day than was previously produced in decades. The world’s knowledge doubles every two years. To cope with this amount of data, new science is needed: the visualization of characteristic nodes and networks, of parameters and patterns.

By making visible the hidden connections and repeating patterns within nature, society, and culture, the innovative and interdisciplinary field of network science enables the analysis of a wide variety of cultural and social phenomena. Network science is now used in medicine, pharmacy, and physics, but also in fields such as the study of infrastructures, social systems, and developmental processes.


– Data Draws Data event, photo by Maggie Smith
– The Art Network, by Alice Grishchenko, Samuel P. Fraiberger, Roberta Sinatra, Magnus Resch, Christoph Riedl, Albert-László Barabási created for “Quantifying Reputation and Success in Art,” Science (November 16, 2018)