BarabasiLab Exhibition

About the exhibition

For the cover of the celebratory issue, they wanted to publish a cover that would be a fitting representation of the magazine's history and its role in science. The co-citation network created by the Barabási Lab for the cover visualizes the links between the more than 88,000 articles published in the magazine, with each article represented by a dot, coloured by discipline. Papers are linked if another scientific paper cites both; the dot size reflects the number of these co-citation links. The complex network reveals the relationships between papers and captures the multidisciplinary scope of the journal. As the resulting network is three-dimensional, it offers a different picture when viewed from different distances and angles. The two pieces presented here are a glimpse into this rich network of scientific publications and their impact on each other and on human knowledge.

The exhibition was realized in collaboration with the Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts Gallery.

Dates: 23 June - 2 September

Exhibited works